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I took up this work with a view to provide a platform for all vangalites to know each other and to acquaint the present generation of their rich heritage. Vangalites can be rightly proud of producing very eminent persons in the past such as Sri V.T. Srinivasa Iyengar, one of India`s early engineers, Sir V.T. Krishnama Chari, one of India`s great administrators and a pioneer in the area of planning, Sri V.K.Thiruvenkata Chari, one of India`s best known lawyers to name a few.

The last two generations have produced very brilliant persons in different fields of activities such as Smt Radha Basu (software), Smt Bhama Srinivasan (Mathematics), Sri Ramesh Vangal (Business), Dr R.Srinivasan (Laser Technology), Dr R.Narasimhan (Computers), Prof. T.Krishnan (Radio Astronomy), Smt Sita Narasimhan (English Literature), Dr Ravi Rajan (Environmental Psychology), Dr. Rangaram Chary (Astronomy), Smt Viji Srinivasan (Social Services), Sri Satish Vangal (Green Peace Movement), Dr. V.K.Vijayaraghavan (A Doctorate in Chemistry and a Nature photographer) to name a few. There are many more achievers in this family and they will be introduced to all Vangalites in due course.

In the latest version I have included more than 200 new families who have their roots in Vangal. Belonging to different family groups such as Telugu Iyers, Smarthas and other Vaishnavte families who have migrated out of Vangal in 1917. There are many achievers in the newly added families such as Prof. Pas Pasupathi, Prof Vangal Muthukumar, his brother Prof. Sivakumar, Smt Gayathri Chandrasekhar of Doordarshan, Bangalore, Sri R.Srinivasan Genral Manager (Retd) I.O.B, Dr R.Mukund of BARC, Mumbai, Sri Ganapathi Iyer who was the elected President of Vangal Panchayat union to name a few.

I am eager to include other Vangalites from any community hailing from Vangal with details to enable me to expand the database. I request that any information known to you about other Vangal families/their descendants (including female descendants, not included in the web now) may be informed to me by E mail.


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Disclaimer & Notice : The creator of this family tree claims no competence or formal qualifications in genealogy or history or in any related subject. This informal and unofficial document has been prepared on the basis of information gathered from various people and various sources. Most of the information has no proof or justification for its validity. It is possible that there are errors or gaps or other flaws in the information presented here. Use it with care and caution, and at your own risk and peril.

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